Happy New Year! – Happy NewMediaFest’2010!

Happy New Year! – Happy NewMediaFest’2010!

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Happy New Year! – Happy JavaMuseum 2010! – Happy NewMediaFest’2010!

10 Years JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

In 2010, JavaMuseum will intensify its activities in the framework of NewMediaFest’2010. All the numerous planned features will be organised as the “Journal” – Celebrate starting on 4 Janaury 2010.
It i s planned to feature each day another artist whose work is focussed on netart – including the pioneers from the early days of netart, as well as those who started working only recently.

But JavaMuseum will also spotlight the numerous earlier realised netart features and competitions in order to give the audience an idea of the richness of a widely underestimated art genre, called netart.