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The solo showcase of the US media artist Jody Zellen
was launched in 2001 and can be accessed directly here

Jody Zellen was on of the three
JavaArtist of the Year Award winners 2001

Solo feature of the month April 2020 – Jody Zellen

Recipient of JAYA’01 – The JavaArtist of the Year 2001 Award
Jody Zellen was one of the first artists, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne was meeting virtually after he launched his Internet based activities as an artist and curator. Jody’s Internet based work which was already quite comprehensive in the year 2000, belong to the first external netart works, Agricola de Cologne was confronted with before Jody was following his first calls for netart in 2000. At the same time, on which platforms his own net based works were accepted for participating, nearly always Jody Zellen was participating at least with one of her works, as well.
It was the quality of her work which impressed him from the beginning, her works were inviting to visit the project sites not just once, but many times and all her works have the same level of quality, this is generally something unsual. So, while Agricola de Cologne was preparing his shows on JavaMuseum, but Jody participated on other of his platforms, as well, as soon as there was the decision made to give “The JavaArtist of the Year Award” for the first time, it was clear, that Jody’s work had to be honoured with the 1st Award 2001, and she was the only artist who had even two solo features afterwards.
When Agricola de Cologne was preparing NewMediaFest 2020 during the year 2019, and he checked how many netart works would be still online after so many years, he was surprised that the majority of works involved in the previous JavaMuseum shows had either simply vanished leaving just dead links, mostly together with the artists themselves, but it was no surprise, that Jody’s works were not only existing and located online under the same URL, but her entire works was perfectly documented, and then while reviewing her works after so many years again, he found them nearly as exciting as he had reviewed them for the 1st time. Despite they are technology based like any good art work they are timeless, and that’s certainly the best compliment which can be made to an artist, that his work isn’t just fashionable for a limited period of time.

Jody Zellen

is a Los Angeles based artist who works in many media simultaneously. She creates interactive installations, mobile apps, net art, animations, drawings, paintings, photographs, public art, and artist’s books.
JavaMuseum Interview

Ghost City

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Ghost City is an ever changing website. It is a virtual city that has become an archive of changing web technologies. Ghost city has no physical space or real time beyond the space and time of the viewer’s interaction with the screen. Ghost City focuses on the representation of the city by the mass media. It uses the space of the web as a sculptural space, allowing viewers to interact with animated graphics to delve deeper and deeper into an imaginary city

Visual Chaos

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On space, time, and human interaction. I am interested in the patterns, structure and design of the urban environment. Rather than document the cities I see, I use representations of a wide range of contemporary and historic cities from the media as raw material for aesthetic and social explorations. Using these appropriated images and texts I make individual photo collages, multi-media installations, public artworks, artist’s books, and web art projects. The different media in which I work feed off of and inform each other. For the last ten years I have been making my art work while working simultaneously as a designer, printer, or gallery assistant.

Random Paths

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Random Paths is a self contained project that functions as a travelogue. It is about sequence and memory and how different groupings of images and passages of poetic texts can create different associations. Random Paths is meant to be circular and hopefully upon each viewing new meanings will be generated.

Crowds and Power

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Crowds and Power uses mediated images to explore the relationship between space, memory, and territory. Windows containing image fragments emphasize the displacement of individuals and the transformation of urban space where large gatherings, demonstrations, and struggles are represented. By juxtaposing charged images with theoretical and philosphical texts about the nature of crowds this website explores internal and external conflicts.


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Disembodied Voices is a meditation on the nature of public space. It is a visual representation of how different bodies communicate across space, using cell phones as a metaphor for the new translocal of connected, yet disembodied voices, linked across space invisibly – forming an unseen network of wanderers, always within reach yet nowhere in sight. This site illustrates the collision of the personal/private and public space. As the line between public and private continues to blur intimate transactions have become audible to anyone within earshot. Where we are, in a sense, no longer matters since we are always connected. Using the cell phone as a metaphor, this project connects users and investigates the changing nature of public space into a wirelessly connected translocal, where each person is a node in the network.

Talking Walls

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Talking-Walls is a dynamic website exploring the visual language of wall and street markings.
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Jody Zellen’s biography can be accessed here