2010 – 10th anniversary of JavaMuseum

2010 – 10th anniversary of JavaMuseum

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In 2010, JavaMuseum is celebrating its 10th anniversary.
Actually founded in autumn 2000, JavaMuseum started in the beginning of 2001 its pioneerlike work in promoting “netart”, at that time, a new art genre, yet.
During 10 years, JavaMuseum initiated and organised more than 20 showcases of “netart” in a global context, as an expression of a new global culture.

JavaMuseum incorporates more than 350 artists and more than 1000 net art works. In this way, JavaMuseum houses a very important collection of netart pieces.

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, JavaMuseum would like to invite all friends to celebrate 10 years of continuity in the new arts.

JavaMuseum will start in January 2010 an anniversary series of features and showcases to be released during the year.