JIP – Interview Project

JIP – Interview Project

Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

proudly announces the launch of

JIP – JavaMuseum Interview Project
on its new site – http://jip.javamuseum.org/

Between 2001 and 2005, the curator and director of JavaMuseum – Agricola de Cologne, better known also as
the founder and director of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne aka The New Museum of Networked Art
the experimental platform for art and New Media from Cologne/Germany, –
realised 18 showcases of “netart”, a specific form of digital art using communicating technology for artistic creations.

JavaMuseum is presenting about 350 artists and more than 1000 artworks which are showing “netart” as an expression of a real global culture and contemporary art form.

After the “1st phase” of activities was finalized in 2005, JavaMuseum started in March 2006 the preparations for its re-launch in 2007 by initiating JIP – JavaMuseum Interview Project.

For this purpose, Agricola de Cologne invited for an interview and a survey: 10 questions on Internet based art – professionals & artists active in the field of Internet based art –
many of them participated in the “1st phase”, the 18 JavaMuseum showcases 2001-2004 – in order to spotlight their professional background, activities and visions and give an undervalueted art form a new forum for discussions.

Most of the incoming results – about 60 currently – were featured until July 2006 on a temporary space, but moved meanwhile to its final destination,  the new website on
http://jip.javamuseum.org/, others will be featured in sequence.

JIP – JavaMuseum Interview Project
is not only a conceptual extension for the coming JavaMuseum activities, but also the attempt to personalize information and intensify the linkage in the framework of the already existing JavaMuseum project environments and further the entire Network, i.e. [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne aka The New Museum of Networked Art – and many associated sources on the net.

After the finalization of JavaMuseum in 2010, also JIP is closed for further interviews.