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The project will collect articles and papers and will form a forum for the exchange and discussion focussed on Internet based art, used technology etc.

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  • Author: Jeremy Hight, USA
  • Jeremy Hight invented locative spatial narrative in the first locative narrative project “34 north 118 west”. He created the primary concepts for “Carrizo Parkfield Diaries” (in the Whitney Artport). An essay on his work to this point will come out this fall in Leonardo. He is editing a
    book on locative media “Point to Point” with Paul Wehby

    “Untitled Spaces: Locative Media, New Media and the curatorial connundrum”

    What is the space that is the “Avant Garde”? What is the effect on this of time? What is the debate on new media and locative media as both a crowd of disparate voices and what will sift in place in time? The author is nuetral but examines both sides of the current debate.

    Category: new media art, locative media art

  • Author: Avi Rosen, Haifa/Israel
  • Title:
    The Return of the Author