Celebrate! – netart features 2010

– Celebrate! –netart features 2010
10 Years JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology

Between 1 January and 31 December 2010,
JavaMuseum was celebrating its 10th anniversary by releasing
the ongoing journal “Celebrate”,
featuring 102 artists and including more than 300 netart pieces
Now after its completion, “Celebrate!” is representing another
excellent resource of netart created by JavaMuseum,
dedicated this time to the periode since 2004.

“Celebrate!” includes netart works by following artists

001.Lederman, Russet – 002.Perrin, Natalie – 003.Qohtaiwoo
004.Andre Sier – 005.Rebecca Young – 006.Ida Julsen
007.Erika Lincoln Р008.Jos̩ Vieira Р009.Michael Cousin
010.Adam Trowbridge – 011.xname –
013.Marcello Mercado – 014.Isabel Aranda Yto – 015.Carmen Olmo
016.Jeremy Hight – 017.Alan Bigelow – 018.Mark Cypher
019.Aleksandar Janicijevic – 020.Chris Basmajian
021.Jing Zhou Р022.Gr̩goire Zab̩ Р023.Marc Lee
024.Timo Kahlen – 025.Curt Cloninger – 026.Susanne Berkenheger
027.Jurgen Trautwein aka jtwine – 028.Carlo Sansolo – 029.Reginald Brooks
030.York Is Us Collective – 031.AND-OR and Johannes Auer
032.Osvaldo Cibils – 033.KPHB – Philippe Bruneau – 034.Ian Flitman
035.Katty Vandenberghe – 036.Ethan Ham/Benjamin Rosenbaum
037. Adele Prince – 038.Jihyun Ahn – 039.Lily & Honglei
040.Christophe Bruchansky – 041.Henri Gwiazda
042.Michael Takeo Magruder – 043. Julian Konczak – 044.Santo File
045.J.R.Carpenter – 046.DLSAN – 047.MEZ – Mary Anne Breeze
048.80/81 – 049.Gaya Gajewska – 050.Pat Badani
051.Tirso Orive Liarte – 052.Jane Crayton – 053.Simon Fildes & Katrina McPherson
054.Andrea Polli – 055.Indira Montoya – 056.Gregory Chatonsky
057.Myriam Thyes – 058.Tomas Rawski – 059.ui uuii
060.Evelin Stermitz – 061.David Boardman & Paolo Gerbaudo
062.Tamar Schori & Oded Perry – 063.Calin Man – 064.Lisa Cianci
065.Nanette Wylde – 066.Dawid Marcinkowski – 067.Greg Giannis
068.Constant Dullaart – 069.Mike Ruiz – 070.Videored Collective
071.Sean Hovendick – 072.Roberto Echen – 073.Nicole Stenger
074.Ayman Alazraq – 075.Doron Golan – 076.Westbrook/Trowbridge
077.Michiel Koelink – 078.Dida Papalexandrou – 079.Hyeseung Yoo
080.David Morneau – 081.E.W.Walters – 082.P. J. Moskal
083.Ana Carvalho – 084.Ximena Alarcón – 085.Mark Beasley
086.James B. Pollack – 087.Panayiotis Payiatis – 088.Miriam Needoba
089.Roderick Coover – 090.Agam Andreas – 091.Gonzalo Cueto
092.Stefan Baltensberger – 093.Matias Giulani – 094.Ernesto Rios Lanz
095.Aaron Oldenburg – 096.Matthieu Cherubini –
098.Andrei Thomaz & Martin Heuser – 099.Yota Morimoto
100.Aleksandar Janicijevic – 101.Vesna Srnic – 102.David Colagiovanni

JavaMuseum and its creator and director
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne would like to thank all artists and supporters
for helping establishing “netart” as an art genre of its own. Time will show,
whether 10 Years of JavaMuseum activities will have such a desired lasting effect.

On 1 January 2011, JavaMuseum became part of the New Museum of Networked Art, a virtual museum with extensions in physical space which is currently under construction

In this way, JavaMuseum will remain completely available online
as an historical monument and document, including the option to
face also recent developments occasionally.

You are invited to visit “Celebrate!” – netart features 2010