• Defining Internet based art

What is netart?

As the term “netart” has no binding definition, it is good to know, how JavaMuseum is defining this term and its net based activities, thus.

Netart is in first place art, a specific form of digital art using specific programming languages/technologies used in Internet. “net” is not only related to this aspect, but mainly that net based art has to be located in Internet on an URL (Internet address) of itsown, and is this way it has to be  available online to the user at any time , in this way “net” stands also for network. In principle, all technologies/programming languages can be used for artistic creation by programming, but not all technologies are predestined for artists use. Not each artist is a good programmer, and not each programmer is an artist. In this way, many artists use pre-formatted software applications in order to create net based works. There are no general aesthetic criteria, as each technology/programming language has its own specific aesthetics, in addition offer the communicating technologies new options and new and unexpected kinds of aesthetics. But technology represents just a tool, and it is the contents which are as relevant transported and transmitted by using the tool.

By defining “netart”, JavaMuseum does not follow any ideology, and is therefore also not restricted concerning contents or technology and open for all subjects and topics artists are working on. “netart” as it understood and featured by JavaMuseum shows in the global context an unusual variety of presentations and artistic positions and adds  a lot of new aspects to the spectrum and general definition of contemporary art.

Since 2002, JavaMuseum started a series of neart art features from different cultural regions around the globe and succeeded in presenting many artists who were not in the spotlight before, and gave an idea what could “netart” represent in a global context.